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Doing all my Craft and Sewing related blogging over at My Poppet
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Easy Hottie Cover - A Tutorial

Emma slept a record 2 hr nap today, so whilst I was burning her lunch (the house stinks), I thought I'd whip up a hot water bottle cover. My old one was about 15 yrs old, and a tad manky! This one took me literally 20min (+ photo time), so no excuse to make one this weekend.

You will need-
Your hot water bottle
An old felted jumper, blanket or wool felt
A large piece of paper

Sewing machine and thread

Step 1

Make a template by tracing around your hot water bottle with a 1cm allowance (approx) this allows for filling roomStep 2
Cut out your template and lay onto felt - I've used a sleeve of a jumperStep 3
Cut around your template with an extra 1cm all the way around for your seam allowance. This will be your front
Step 4
To make the back. You will need an opening in the back to insert your hot water bottle. To do this overlap 2 pieces of felt (with straight edges) by about 2 inches. Pin. Lay your template on top and cut around with 1cm seam allowance

Step 5
Here you can see the front and back. I've sewn some spots onto the front to add some interest. You can embellish any way you like, but make sure you do it at this stage. Now to sew the 2 sides together you need to match up the pieces 'right' sides (outsides)facing in. Sew with a straight stitch all the way around (1cm seam allowance) paying particular care where the back flap overlaps. You may want to sew over this part twice as it will get a little stress. Step 6
Trim away any seam bulk and clip inside curves to make turning easier.
Turn inside out...and you're done!