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Doing all my Craft and Sewing related blogging over at My Poppet
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Jumper Refashion - A half-arsed tutorial

Yesterday I made a dress and some pants for Emma from a thrifted woolen jumper. It took me less time to make than it's taken me to put together this blog post. I never intended to write a tutorial (hence no before or during photos), but the re-fashion was relatively simple so I thought some of you may like to try it.
The instructions are a little bit half-arsed. Please forgive...
Emma is a size 1-2
I used a lambswool jumper that had been machine washed in tepid water. It was mildly felted, enough to stop it unravelling when cut but not enough for it to lose its stretch.
Use a long but narrow zig zag stitch, this will give some stretch. no need to overlock as the felted wool wont fray.
All seams are sewn with right sides facing each other.
The black lines are the original jumper the orange lines are where you need to cut.
To make the pants.
Cut off the arms of the jumper, these will become the legs and the wrist cuffs will be the ankle cuffs. You will also have to cut a scoopy bit out for backside room. Cut an appropriately sized semicircle shape from the side of the jumper to fill in the bottom hole.
Sew the front of the crotch first from front waistband to groin. Then insert the bottom panel.
Fold over a waistband and sew to make a casing. Insert elastic and you're done.
To make the Dress.
I decided to keep the roll neck. Ideally you'd use the existing neck finish to simplify the process.
I layed a top that fit Emma over the jumper as a guide to cut out the body. Cut shorter for a top, longer for a dress. The sleeves are made from the bottom band of the jumper. Because i made a longer dress I couldn't make long sleeves, but if you decide to make a top the bottom band will be wide enough for longer sleeves.
Open the body out, it should look like a big cross shape. Cut the pieces of arm bands to the length you will need. Sew these on with the garment open.
Then you can sew the side seams (attach front to back).
Finally hem the bottom and you're done.

I hope that is clear enough as there is no exact pattern, it all depends on the size of the jumper you're using and the size of the child. I sort of made it up as i went along.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you need clarification. I'll answer you with another comment so others can see it too...Have fun!