Doing all my Craft and Sewing related blogging over at My Poppet

Doing all my Craft and Sewing related blogging over at My Poppet
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Big B, little c...

Now that Miss Emma is napping I can share my latest project with you all. Whipped them up yesterday. Was inspired by similar cushions here. Have been scouring the internet for cool typefaces to use, and whilst Ben was entertaining the little one, i snuck away to make these...
I used felted recycled knitwear for the letters and felted woolen blankets (from the oppy) to make the cushion covers. I love using recycled wool felt, doesn't fray, lovely texture and usually quite inexpensive.
I'm a bit obsessed with orange at the moment so and orange cushion for me. Ben asked for a blue B...You'll have to ask the previous owners about the odd placement of the intercom phone, I'm yet to work that one out!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage Refashion

I found this sweet little illustration in one of my old Golden Hands craft books (from the 70's). Refashioning clothes was a very common thing in the past because clothing was not as cheap and mass produced as it is is these days. As child, my mother would often refashion second hand clothing for my sister and I, making use of woolen skirts to make tunic dresses etc...
And now when I get the time I'm really enjoying making refashioned items for Emma. If you haven't all ready noticed, I've been posting some of my projects to the Wardrobe Refashion Blog. There is a little list of my wardrobe refashions in the sidebar, check them out if you get a chance. You might get inspired to do a little bit of it yourself...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wardrobe refashion, literally...A tutorial

Before, a generic pine wardrobe gathering dust in a friends garage...going cheap at zero dollars!
Added a couple of coats of Acrylic gloss paint, some cute little red knobs from Ikea and some sweet little homemade fabric decals...
Instructions for Decals:
You will need: Cotton fabric scraps, stiff iron-on fabric interfacing (white), scissors, Iron, a pencil, PVA (woodwork) glue or similar, a damp cloth, a brush to apply glue.
How to:
Iron your fabric to remove any creases.
Iron on a piece of interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric, this should make your fabric nice and thick and prevent fraying.
Trace your desired design in reverse (interfacing side) remember it will come out in reverse so if you are doing letters you will need to trace the mirror image.
Cut out your shapes.
Glue them on to your desired location with the PVA, brush onto the back of decal initially then when positioned brush onto front. The glue will soak through and great a bit or a shiny finish when it dries. Make sure to wipe of any excess with a damp cloth while the glue is still wet
You're done!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Felt Flower Pillow...

Love these pillow covers, easy to follow instructions on the Purl Bee Blog...I might make one for my new bed...

(Image from The Purl Bee)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Romper Re-fashion Tutorial...

I came across this sweet little romper in an Op-shop whilst I was pregnant with Emma. It was handmade and in great condition and had a lovely handstitched birdie on the front. The only hitch was it didn't have a crotch opening. Sort of a pain when you have a squirmy baby that needs changing.
But not to worry, that problem was easily's how...

1. Un-stitch the crotch seam and remove the leg elastic2. measure around thigh and inserted the correct length of elastic in the casing.

3. Stitch ends of elastic firmly in place

4. Hem up the seam that was originally unpicked. I've added a little extension piece as this romper was getting a little snug on Emma. (That'll teach me to have stuff sitting in the sewing basket for months and months)
5. Add press studs and your done!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a Romp...

While I've been busy doing my thing, Emma's been busy growing - out of everything! She's 8 months now, her body is so long, in rompers she wears a size 1.
Yesterday I felt a little bit inspired and made her a couple of pairs. This little gingham number is made from a Butterick pattern (6675), picked it up from an Op-shop. I lengthened the body a bit because it was a little short and there is plenty of room on the straps to add another press stud as she grows. Quite an easy pattern, only 4 pattern pieces.

The romper below is probably the coolest thing I've made in a while...Vintage stretch terry towelling. I'm really proud of this one because I have an aversion to sewing with stretch fabrics. The terry was quite forgiving because it hid my wonky stitches. Pattern from a Golden Hands book.

I had to draft the pattern from this diagram. Sizing was for a 1 yr old but it was a little snug so I added a gusset and lengthened the straps, also added cuffs around the ankles.
Both the fabric and the book were op-shop finds. have been lying around waiting for just the right project.
I have quite a bit of this terry fabric left, does anyone has some similar stretch terry fabric they would like to swap for it (or some other fabric)? I'm quite keen to make Emma another one of these rompers, am willing to share the pattern too. If you live in Melbourne even better, saves on postage.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Turning Japanese...

Popped into town today and stopped by Tessuti fabrics in Flinders lane to say hi to my friend Lisa. Really worth a visit. They have a pretty good range of Japanese sewing/pattern books to choose from. I had to take this one home. Lisa put me onto this French blog -Japan Couture Addicts, where members post pictures of projects they've made from Japanese books or magazines. You can click onto the images of the books on the sidebar and see how people have interpreted the designs. Some are lovely, some not so...but hey who am I to judge?
The book I bought has sizes 3+ so Emma will have to wait a while, but I'll make some things for the shop for sure. It also has a few patterns in women's sizes.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hanky Panky...

Sweated away in my sewing room on new year's eve because I felt an overwhelming urge to finish off Emma's bedroom curtains before the year was up. Must have been 40+ degrees in there! I think I changed my mind at least 10 times over what I'd do with these bloody windows. Was originally going to make some 'window quilts' but decided that it was all just too much work, and these lovely vintage hankies give a similar patchwork effect with a floatier feel. I'd already made some block out panels, but they just seemed too severe on their own.I quite like how the gauzy layer softens the block out fabric, or on its own, lets the light romantically filter through......I left a few gaps so i could add any extra hankies that i come across on my gathering adventures.